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    Oh, I hope you like Throne of Glass! I didn’t really love the first book, but I am in love with the series now. The most recent book was a five star read for me 😀 So don’t be put off if you don’t love the first one – the series gets better with each book!

    I really want to read Carry On, because I absolutely ADORED Fangirl, and I kind of can’t believe I haven’t read Carry On yet :O

    I only found out about The Leaving about a week or so ago, but I am really keen for it. It sounds super interesting, and that cover gives it such a mysterious vibe.

    Hope you like all of these books when you get around to reading them, Alex!

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      Thanks! I did hear that about ToG from a few other people so I’m kind of expecting that at least? I’m interested to see how it actually goes when I get around to reading them.

      Confession? I haven’t read any of Rainbow’s books yet!

      The Leaving does sound fun yes 😀

      Thanks! Good luck and enjoy your books of this year too 🙂

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