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Yesterday as I was looking through Goodreads if I could find my ‘year in review’ thing that they had done I discovered a page of my ‘most read authors’ which I thought was pretty cool. So. Here’s my most read authors. What are yours? You can find them at your version of this link (You’ll need to add in your user-id) or just follow the prompts from the reviews page. Looking at that list I know I’ve read more of some of these authors but back before I new of Goodreads! I might have to fix that at some point.


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    AH THAT IS AWESOME I DIDN’T KNOW YOU COULD DO THAT! *flails* So apparently my most read author is Holly Black! *cheers* Which makes sense because I do love her books so so much and want to devour as many as possible. But even then I’ve only read 15 by her to your 25 from Tamora Pierce, so applause and cake to you! I do know, however that my truly most read author is Lemony Snicket. I just haven’t read/reviewed his books on Goodreads, but I think I’ve read like 21 of them?! 😛

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      I know! It is rather awesome yes 😀 I stumbled upon it completely by accident. I think I was looking for some widget to put on my website (when I was using Get Simple) and found this instead.

      I haven’t read any of Holly’s stuff yet though it does look fun! With Tamora I backed ‘read’ some of them so a lot I read before I had GR which kind of helps too? Fair enough though re GR It’s hard to keep track of! I”m really bad at actually leaving reviews. When I post them here I try and crosspost but posting here is hard work. Oops

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