Book Lists


Answer? Consumed by work and so tired that I couldn’t actually concentrate on reading.   Books I read between my last review and stopping reading about six months ago? Soulless by Gail Carriger – 5/5 The King’s Deception by Steve Barry – 3/5 The Stars at Oktober End by Glenda Millard – 3/5 Daughter of […]

Most Read Authors

Yesterday as I was looking through Goodreads if I could find my ‘year in review’ thing that they had done I discovered a page of my ‘most read authors’ which I thought was pretty cool. So. Here’s my most read authors. What are yours? You can find them at your version of this link¬†(You’ll need […]

2015 in Review

Finally here is my wrap up of 2015!   Total: 70 book & 20,103 pages, Average: 296 pages Favourite Book(s): Monash the Outsider Who Won the War by Roland Perry & The Boleyn Trilogy by Laura Anderson Least Favourite Book(s): Joan Makes History by Kate Grenville ¬†Shortest Book The Secret of Hanging Rock by Joan […]