Review: Borgen: Outside the Castle by Tommy Bredsted, Joan Rang Christensen, Rum Malmros


Borgen: Outside of the Castle is based upon the Danish Ministry and one of their works, the Permanent Secretary of Environment and his battle to get a Environmental friendly GMO approved. At the same time he is fighting Momentum, an American company who is trying to get their own approved though it causes unimaginable side effects.

Borgen: Outside of the Castle, is originally a 5 part radio play that is incredibly topical. Unfortunately, no matter how topical and interesting the plot could have been the story just lacked something to keep my attention. The main characters were the Permanent Secretary and his grandson who is a GA activist trying to help his grandfather as well as his fellow GA’s. The PS, is obsessed with getting it approved as well as with his work in general but due to this his life takes an unexpected turn leaving him in a lurch. His daughter, holds a grudge against him for how much time he spends working while she was a child. It feels like at least half the book if not more had the family arguing with one another and while I understand it was supposed to create friction it just seemed pointless half the time. The plot twist was fairly obvious too which was a let down.

Over all it was an okay, novel but it had so much potential to be better than it actually was.

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